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Use your smartphone to the fullest with Whitelabel TravelSim Dealer!

Perfect for data roaming, with Whitelabel TravelSim Dealer you can access data for maps, web browsing and your e-mail account for much lower cost than with your local operator. Data is billed in 10KB increments. However, note that data roaming is still more expensive than voice calls.

View data rates here.

Whitelabel TravelSim Dealer data roaming settings

When you use Whitelabel TravelSim Dealer prepaid SIM card for the first time, you will automatically receive data settings. Please note that not all mobile devices accept automatic settings. To change them manually refer to your handset manual and change the following settings:

  • Access Point Name (APN): send.ee
  • User name: enter your Whitelabel TravelSim Dealer number, e.g. 3721231234
  • Password: leave the field blank

How to control and reduce traveling data and call costs?
We suggest that you use Onavo app. It is available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Onavo puts smartphone and tablet users in control of their mobile data usage.

Data roaming packages
New feature provides several packages with different volume and time duration usage. More info